Gas Eeze BASIC – Gift-a-Dad Special

R746.25 VAT

Gas Eeze BASIC is an ideal partner for any home cook, braai master, camper, gas geysers or gas heaters. Stay on top of your spending and know when to replace your cylinder.

Gift the perfect dad, with the perfect gift!


Gas Eeze BASIC is a great choice for monitoring gas consumption in gas cylinders in your home or holiday environment. The intended areas of use of the Gas Eeze BASIC are grilling, camping, cooking and heating.

Gas Eeze BASIC is suitable for all conventional gas cylinders made of steel, aluminium or composite material. Adjustable pull-out feet allow Gas Eeze BASIC to be adjusted to different sizes of gas cylinders.

The free Gas Eeze mobile app (available for Android and iOS) allows a wireless Bluetooth connection of Gas Eeze BASIC to your smartphone or tablet to display your gas consumption, consumption forecast and battery level of your Gas Eeze BASIC.

Gas Eeze BASIC is intended for simultaneous use on a single gas cylinder.

Please note: Batteries are not included.

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