Gas Eeze

Making sure you’re always fueled up for your next adventure.

3 steps. And you are ready to go. Do-It-Yourself Installation

Adjust Gas Eeze size to fit your gas cylinder

Put the gas cylinder on the Gas Eeze device

Use Gas Eeze mobile app

Gas Eeze Smart Gas Solution Gas Eeze device

One-size-fits-all. Compatible with all standard-sized gas cylinders.

Easy installation. Set up your Gas Eeze device in 3 simple steps (using Gas Eeze app) and never worry about it anymore.

Off the grid. No cloud, no Wi-Fi/cellular data, and no registration needed. Gas Eeze relies on local Bluetooth connection.

Design. Playful and trendy, yet fully functional patented design.

Gas Eeze Smart Gas Solution Gas Eeze mobile app

Always ready to cook/heat. Never end up with an empty gas cylinder unexpectedly. Cook or heat at your convenience.

Receive notification. Get notified on when your gas cylinder will run out of gas.

Plan your activities. Adopt your cooking/heating habits to your gas consumption.

One app. More devices. Having more than one Gas Eeze device? You can connect them all.

Gas Eeze Smart Gas Solution Gas Eeze Product Demo

Gas Eeze Faq's

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